Are you having issues with Zoom or Atlas?

Here's a quick guide to help you solve or report the issue:

Before we start: 


If possible, take a picture or screen shot of the problem you're experiencing in Zoom or Atlas. This is not mandatory; however, it may help our technical support team identify the problem more easily. 

Step One: Search the Support Resources


Before you report the problem, make sure to check out the Zoom and Atlas support resources we've prepared for you, as you may find the solution to the problem you're experiencing. 


To access these resources, go to the following link:


You will also have received a copy of these resources to your email before the start of the training. 

Step Two: Seek peer support


If you did not find a solution to the problem in the Knowledge Base, use the WhatsApp group to check if one of your colleagues can help you. 


Maybe one of them has experienced the same problem and has found a solution that they can share with you. 

 Step three: Contact our Technical Support team.


*This step is only valid for problems with Atlas. If you are experiencing problems with Zoom, skip to the next step. 


If you have not been able to solve the problem with the help of your colleagues and the Knowledge Base, send an email to with the following information:



Unit in which the problem occurs

Description of the problem


If possible, include a screenshot, this will make it easier to identify the problem and get a quicker solution.

Last Step: Contact the Producer


If you have not received a response from our technical support team or you need help during a live Zoom class, please contact the producer.

The producer will be the person along with the Master Trainer that will guide you during your training. You will receive their contact details at the beginning of the training.

Thanks for following these steps!

We hope your problem has been solved successfully.