Find the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. 


This bar includes the following options: 




-Share screen

-Leave meeting


Audio & Video

You can adjust your camera and microphone settings anytime during the session by clicking on the microphone and video icons in the lower left corner.


When the microphone and camera icons have  red lines across them it means that they’re off.



To activate them, just click on the icons and you will see the red line disappear, that means they’re on.  


We recommend that you keep yourself muted during the whole session, except when you want to participate. This way we will avoid the session being disturbed by noise and we will make sure we hear the class clearly.


Contrary to the microphone, we recommend that you keep your camera on during the whole session, as this will help your colleagues and the Master Trainer to recognize you more easily. Just don’t forget you are on camera! 




The chat tool will allow you to send written messages to the whole group or directly to the Master Facilitator.


To display the chat, click on the Chat icon, this will open the window on the right side of your screen. 



To choose to send a message only to a participant or a general message to Everyone click on the "eveyone" button and choose the participant you want to message.



Raise Hand


If you want to participate during the session, the best way to do so is to use the "raise hand" tool so that the host can give you the floor and participation will be carried out in an organized way.


To "raise your hand" click on the Participants icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.



Clicking on it will bring up a series of small icons on the left side of the screen. 

Raise your hand, yes, no, clap, good, bad. To use any of these just click on the icon of your choice.



Screen Sharing


To share your screen, click on the icon, then select the screen you need to share and click "share screen". 



Once you're done presenting, click stop sharing at the top of your screen. 




Meeting participants can annotate on a shared screen.


To make an annotation go to the central upper part of the screen and a menu will be displayed. Click View Options, then Annotate 

at the top.



This will display a menu of its own that will give you access to various tools to make different kinds of annotations such as text, draw, highlight, etc.


How to annotate on Zoom

Gallery View

By default, a Zoom video call will display the person who is currently speaking on the screen. However, you may want to activate the gallery mode that shows all the participants on the screen.


You can activate this mode at the top right of the call screen.

Leave Meeting

When the live class is over, click on the "Exit" box at the bottom right of your screen.


Zoom Tutorial