1.-Login to Atlas using your e-mail address and the password you received on your mail.

2.-Once you are in, you will be directed to your learner home. This homepage displays the different trainings or curricula you have been assigned. Click the orange curriculum icon that says, “Passport to Success Virtual Training of Trainers”, then click open curriculum.

3.-There, you’ll see the 5 or 6 different sections of the curricula. Click on the section you’re currently completing, and you’ll find the corresponding live class represented by the calendar icon.



4.-Click on the “select session” tab and register to the session. This will show the session available for your group. Click “Register”. 

5.-Once you’ve done this, you’ll see tab “Start Session”, this will launch the zoom meeting. You’ll be able to choose if you want to join from your browser of from the zoom app. 

Joining a Live Class in Zoom from Atlas Tutorial Video